Way of Life Dog Training

To Raise A Dog

A Five-Week Interactive Workshop on How to Raise Your Pup, Transition Your Rescue, and Heal Your Problematic Adult By Understanding and Applying Three Rearing and Relationship Stages

Sound, Strong, and Spirited Dogs

Nurture the development of a thoughtful, resilient, and happy dog by working through the three rearing and relationship stages.
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Calm, Confident, and Connected Handlers

Gain the confidence and composure that comes with knowing what’s right and what’s not for your dog, depending on the stage you’re in.
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A New Way of Life for Both Humans and Dogs

Enjoy a deep understanding of how training, relating, and socialization change according to rearing and relationship stage.


Join us on Wednesdays:
May 18, 25
June 1, 8, 15
7:00 to 9:00 PM




MAY 16, 2022

This course will help start a new relationship on healthy foundations or “reset” an existing relationship, within a class environment that is welcoming, informal, and fun.

For some of you, it will be the only thing you need to begin your journey with your new pup or new rescue dog.

For others, it will show you how to go back to basics and rebuild your relationship on sound foundations.

Regardless of where you are, Way of Life™ Dog Training is here to support your transformation.

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I’ve been a volunteer dog walker and foster parent for almost twenty years, so feel pretty confident in my knowledge of dogs. Yet, I still learn something new about dogs and dog handling in every conversation with Souha.

With her advice, guidance, and encouragement, I’m moving from merely managing the behavioural issues of my rescue dog, to building a more confident, stable and happy (and less reactive) dog and, more importantly, a stronger bond of love and trust between us.

– Wendy S., Toronto, ON

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