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"There was never a doubt in our minds that Souha cared as much about our dog's welfare and happiness as we did."

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We approached Souha when we were feeling overwhelmed and out of our depth with our very sweet, but ungovernable, mastiff mix rescue. Souha’s advice was immediately helpful and gave us the knowledge and tools to stop fretting and struggling. Our dog became calmer and better integrated into our lives over a short span of time as we worked with Souha. As Souha will tell you, her approach is not predicated on dog tricks, but predicated on building a deeper bond with your animal through practical routine and lifestyle changes. The behaviour aspect falls into place.

Souha was incredibly generous with her time and knowledge, and always reachable. She encouraged regular updates on our progress. There was never a doubt in our minds that Souha cared as much about our dog’s welfare and happiness as we did. I have little doubt that working with Souha and implementing her advice will show exponential improvements in behaviour and relationship with your dog. We plan on returning to Souha to continue to work our way up through the different stages of socialization and integration with our dog. We would highly recommend her services.

– Alexandra K. & Andrew K., Toronto, ON
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Souha and Way of Life™ Dog training has 100% changed the outlook as well as the relationship both my partner and I have with our dog. Souha was there for us when our dog was at the height of his aggression, where it felt like we were running out of things to do/try to curb the aggressive behaviour out of our dog. This wasn’t just anger, our dog was lunging, biting, managed to inflict wounds that required stiches. It’s not that way anymore. Souha has helped us, do exactly what her training name implies, develop a new way of life with our dog.

The biggest shift for me was to take a step back from traditional behaviour training for a while and decompress our dog. Let him actually ‘be’ a dog. Through virtual classroom instruction, and 1:1 sessions, my partner and I were able to re-engineer the relationship we had with our dog as well as clean out the aggression from his repertoire. This training certainly challenges both dog and handler and it will challenge you both to grow and develop your working bond as well as your knowledge of traditional dog training and handling. It 100% works, and I would recommend Souha and Way of Life™ Dog Training.

– Alex T., Hamilton, ON

"Sometimes you might not like what she has to say but in your heart, you will know she’s on to something."

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Do you want a calm dog? A happy dog? A dog that loves being a dog…. and your companion? You can accomplish these goals only if you are knowledgeable and properly trained. Dr. Souha Ezzedeen has the knowledge, the training, and a passionate desire to share with others. You will learn and your dog will howl with joy.

– Paul Swiercz, Washington, DC, USA

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I have known Souha for over ten years. We initially met over our shared love of dogs and in that time, we have both fostered and rescued many dogs. My niche was for old and/or sick dogs whereas Souha leaned towards the dogs with behavioural issues. Even though my area of experience was with older and/or sick dogs, I would occasionally be asked to take on a sick dog that also had behavioural issues or would turn out to have behavioural issues that the rescue was unaware of.

In these cases, when I would contact the rescue, I would often end up getting guidance that just didn’t work or was impractical. This would lead to my calling Souha looking for help. No matter when I called, she was available to help me out. She always had guidance and tips that were practical and that I could use easily. She was totally non-judgemental and very importantly, gave me hope.

She gave me the confidence that I could deal with any situation and things would improve – very important when one is feeling overwhelmed and out of options. I would highly recommend Souha to anyone looking to improve their relationship with their canine companion. She is knowledgeable, non-judgemental, and passionate. Sometimes you might not like what she has to say but in your heart, you will know she’s on to something. It is always her goal to improve your relationship with your dog and she will work with you to do that.

Under her guidance, you will develop a greater understanding of canine behaviours and motivations. If you listen to her and follow her recommendations, your relationship with your dog will be transformed; this in turn will transform your life with your dog.

– Anne Sayers, Scarborough, ON, Canada
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"Souha's process teaches you how to make lasting changes that will deepen and enrich your bond."

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Anyone seeking help with their dogs’ problem behaviours will find resolution through Way of Life™ Dog Training. Skilled, intuitive, and passionate about the human-canine dynamic, trainer Souha Ezzedeen looks deeply into the existing relationship between owner and dog, identifying areas of conflict and paving a way to a more harmonious existence.

Whatever issues you are struggling with – reactivity, separation anxiety, destructiveness or just plain inattentiveness – Souha’s process challenges you to truly understand what’s going on with your dog and why, and teaches you how to make lasting changes that will deepen and enrich your bond. I highly recommend Way of Life™ Dog Training – it is a transformative experience.

– C. Collins, Toronto, ON, Canada

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I met Souha first while I was volunteering at the Toronto Humane Society (THS). She joined the dog-walker group at the THS and soon enough it became obvious that Souha was not only able to handle and calm the most challenging dogs, but she also had the patience, passion, and method to teach new volunteers.

Soon after that, Souha started also to foster challenging dogs and work on their rehabilitation so that they finally could get adopted. Those dogs were very much in their shell, putting up a facade to cope with shelter stress. Souha was able to ground them, to calm their very soul so that they were able to progress slowly to a new life. My own dog Beau was with Souha as a foster for a while before he was unsuccessfully adopted out the first time. Beau was a very challenging dog, coming from an abusive home to the THS.

As I finally adopted Beau, Souha and I were both going to Sam Malatesta for training. Souha was a super student of Sam’s. She had such an amazing success with Maya, her challenging black shepherd. So I was only too happy that she offered to help me integrate Beau into my life. To this day Souha gives me advice when she feels that Beau is missing something or is “off.” I wouldn’t take Beau ever to anybody else for boarding than Souha. And Beau is always over the moon to see his good friend and teacher again.

I can only encourage anyone with a dog, whether new to the home or established, to take lessons with Souha. Way of Life™ Dog Training will greatly improve your relationship with, and gain you valuable understanding, of your four-legged companion.

– Beatrice Weber, Etobicoke, ON, Canada

"Since applying Souha’s training, my dog has become more relaxed, more confident, and happier... as am I!"

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A style of training that works for every unique pet owner! Her extensive knowledge, her compassion, and her dedication to client success is beyond any other trainer I’ve worked with before. Her teaching is clear, concise, and, for me, has been very empowering. Since applying Souha’s training, my dog has become more relaxed, more confident, and happier… as am I!

– Stacey Lunn, Toronto, ON, Canada

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I first met Souha when I was a volunteer at the Toronto Humane Society. She was assigned to teach me how to handle the more challenging dogs in the shelter. Souha’s passion in working with shelter dogs, especially the most troubled, was obvious.  She had a unique and powerful perspective on how to raise and rehabilitate dogs in a way that allowed them to be their full canine selves.

I was drawn to her approach and how it focused so much on the importance of bond and relationship at a deep, instinctual level, rather than superficial behaviours or obedience based on bribery or fear of punishment. I was convinced of her abilities when I met her first two dogs – Maya and Rama.

They were calm, mature, and attentive. They paid me no attention whatsoever. They looked at Souha and followed her around without having a leash on and without her having to say much of anything to them. They were devoted to her because she was devoted to them and worth following. I wanted the same thing. Souha’s success with Maya and Rama was also no fluke.

Under her guidance, every dog she has had since has exhibited the same qualities. As a teacher, Souha has been life changing for me as I have worked with my own three dogs. She has taught me not only practical techniques and management tools, which have been essential for the challenging shelter dogs I have taken home, but also how to derive important life lessons from working with dogs and how to be a better, sounder person as a result.

What she teaches is truly a way of life that I now try to bring with me everywhere I go, with or without my dogs. I strongly encourage everyone with a dog, or interested in getting one, to work with her. All will be better off as a result. 

– David Zarnett, Toronto, ON, Canada

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"Training with Souha is always fun and gives me the confidence I need to handle any dog."​

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Ever since I’ve known Souha, she has been 100% dedicated to the art of dog training. Her passion, knowledge, and leadership in the training room inspires, while also transcending, the stereotypical “dominant” role. Training with Souha is always fun and gives me the confidence I need to handle any dog.

– Kris Tinnelly, North York, ON, Canada

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As a member of the Board of Directors for the last five years and, currently, serving as the Vice President of the Toronto Humane Society, I would like to acknowledge the outstanding dedication and contribution of volunteer Souha Ezzedeen to the Canine Department.

Souha has been a keen foster parent (short- and long-term) for puppies, behaviour, and palliative dogs and the results have been outstanding. Souha has successfully trained dog walkers at the Toronto Humane Society from the new volunteers right through those able to handle the most difficult and challenging canines. Her deliverables have included one-on-one and group dog walking classes and canine behaviour workshops focusing on body language and handling methodology.

Souha’s tenure as a dog walker extended from 2008 to 2012. Her activities at THS included walking dogs several times a week and  participating in/leading training and enrichment activities at all behaviour levels. Souha has been a valued and appreciated volunteer with our organization. She is the founder and head coach for Way of Life™ Dog Training. I wish her all the best and much success in this new venture.

– Dominique Rousselle, Founder Dogs without Collars Rescue, Vice President Toronto Humane Society, Toronto, ON, Canada

"It is such a wonderful feeling not to worry about your dog’s behaviour and to have confidence in your dog and yourself."

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I have known Souha for over 10 years and I couldn’t be more impressed by her dedication to the world of training and more importantly enriching dogs’ lives. Souha’s experience, authenticity, constant hunt for knowledge and desire to solve most difficult and complicated behaviour issues are quite exceptional. I have been a witness to her great work with several dogs including a shelter dog with absolutely no hope due to his severe behaviour issues as well as her previous and current dogs.

As the former manager of the K9 Behaviour Department at the largest animal shelter in the province for 14 years and being involved in the dog training and rescue world for 18 years, I would confidently recommend her to anyone who is in search of that dog-human relationship seen in the movies. It’s truly spectacular to see Souha teaching a class or demonstrate exercises with her own dogs. 

– Shaswar A., Toronto, ON, Canada

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When I was a young teen, my parents allowed me to adopt a German Shepherd puppy. I had been building up to that day by reading several books on dogs and dog training to show them I was ready. I soon realized that dog training is a not only a philosophy and life-time commitment, but is as much about me and my behaviour as it is about the dog.

After college, life happened, and I relocated for work many times, never having the structure or stability to adopt a dog. Having finally settled in Canada a few years ago, I can finally see a dog in my near future, and I can say in no uncertain terms that I would choose no one else but Souha for training me and my future dog. I have known Souha for more than twenty years.

She is not only highly capable, organized, structured, and a great communicator, but also has a deep passion for the canine way of life. I have witnessed Souha’s dedication to dog training through her relationship with her dogs Rama and Maya, may they rest in peace, who grew into amazing companions that were confident and comfortable in the woods as much as in downtown Toronto.

Years later, Souha has four amazing dogs today, each with their own special personality, with whom she engages in all kinds of activities, from hiking, herding and other sporty activities, to playing in the yard or just hanging out. It is such a wonderful feeling not to worry about your dog’s behaviour and to have confidence in your dog and yourself so that your and your dog’s life is enhanced rather than being stressful.

If you are looking for that comfort and are willing to do the work, then Souha and Way of Life™ Dog Training is the place for you.

– Radi Annab, Toronto, ON, Canada


"I believe what I learned from her, either her firsthand training or her excellent referrals, changed the fate of my dog."

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Souha’s advice was invaluable. I have a dog that understands what’s hers and what’s not. She accepts my praise as the ultimate reward, and I have no worries with her at all. Thanks Souha!

– Suzy Vilhena, Toronto, ON, Canada
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My first dog was a high-drive German Shepherd pup full of beans and hot air. My vet advised me to enroll in a puppy training class as soon as possible. As I was shopping for classes, deep down I had a feeling none of them would cut it for us. I had a vague feeling that there must be more into training a dog than to teach her how to sit, roll over, or give paws.

After all, thanks to countless videos I had watched or articles I had read on the Internet, I had already managed to succeed in these areas on my own. Yet I knew I still needed professional help, but what kind of training classes did I need? I was not sure. I miraculously came across Souha who made a comment about my dog: “For a German Shepherd dog, it is not normal to sit at the end of the leash far from you and having her head away from you,” implying that this is a sign of an underlying problem in my relationship with my dog.

Something clicked in me. I instantly knew that was the type of training I was looking for: A holistic foundational approach that goes deeper than mechanical commands. Training that draws on wisdom rather than only formulas. Souha offered her help, and I gladly accepted, knowing that this was the part I felt missing, but could not identify it.

I worked over several weeks with Souha, and I learned a great deal that I could not possibly learn in more conventional settings. The hands-on practices were packed with details and tips and were done in real situations (i.e. around other dogs, new environments, etc.).

I also learned a great deal about dogs’ nutrition and healthcare from her. I believe what I learned from her, either her firsthand training or her excellent referrals, changed the fate of my dog. I have hardly known anyone more dedicated, driven, and sincerely in love with working with dogs than Souha in my life, and there is no one whom I trust more than her when it comes to my dog.

– Sam Novid, Scarborough, ON, Canada

"I have known Souha for the last 10 years and she has consistently demonstrated strength, passion, and expertise with proven results."

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My dog Fred was surrendered as a senior. He was unkept, overindulged, ill-mannered, and miserable. He just needs some love, I thought, I was clearly out of my depth. At the time, my daughter (who had also adopted a rescue) and I were offered a unique and perspective-changing approach in dealing with our new additions.

Souha had had great success applying these common-sense yet poorly mainstreamed principles and her support was essential to our ability to apply the program effectively. As a result, Fred and I were able to heal each other and Fred went on to help heal others, becoming a therapy dog, creating smiles, soothing hearts, and easing the way for those who needed his steady and stoic compassion.

Since then I have seen Souha build on these principles and take them to the next level, becoming a skilled handler and compassionate coach, someone whom both my daughter and I continue to seek for advice. She is wholeheartedly recommended as a people coach and dog handler and trainer.

– Paddy Aker, Cobourg, ON, Canada

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Souha is one of the best dog handlers I have come across. She has demonstrated success using advanced knowledge of dog training principles and can effectively support owners to build stronger relationships with their dog.

I have adopted three rescue dogs, all with behavioural issues and worked with Souha in my dog training journey. I have known Souha for the last 10 years and she has consistently demonstrated strength, passion, and expertise with proven results when it comes to dog training. For me personally, she has been a supporter, teacher, and friend in the process.

Whether you are looking to overcome specific behavioural issues or just want a stronger bond with your dog, Souha is the trainer to help you achieve your goals.

– Shaunna Drew, Toronto, ON, Canada

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