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Are you tired of...

Take the first step on the path to almost-instant relief with the signature, proven framework of The Way of Life™ Method.

If you’ve ended up here because nothing else has worked, this is the transformative method for you and your dog.

The Way of Life™ Method

Drawing on nearly two decades of experience, dog trainer and relationship coach Souha Ezzedeen has developed the Way of Life™ Method to empower you to lead a life of greater ease and deeper bonds with your dogs, no matter their age or life experience.

This radical and intuitive new approach is geared to dog owners who are willing to rise to the task and develop a deeper understanding of who their dogs are at the core.

It is a method for guardians who know their behavioral issues can be overcome, and at the same time want to go beyond solving problems and focus on raising dogs that can flourish and share in a lifetime of freedom and adventure.

If this sounds like you, The Way of Life™ Method promises to help...

Resolve issues like anxiety, reactivity, aggression, and more

Achieve measurable results with your pup

Stay on track with an experienced coach every step of the way

Regain clarity, stability, calm, and predictability in all relationship(s) affected

Support you and your dog on a true path of healing and recovery

Do all of the above without endless hours of dull and mechanical training

Discover the Power of Way of Life with Comprehensive Coaching

Through bi-weekly in-person coaching sessions, as many virtual sessions as needed, contact outside of sessions, and study materials, your coach will lead you to a better understanding and practice of the key pillars of your dog’s Way of Life, including:

Souha hanging out with a couple of dogs in the park

Are you ready to join me? Take a leap of faith and experience freedom, confidence, and a renewed relationship with your canine now! I’ve got you.

How We Work

Discovery Call

We set up a 15-minute phone call to discuss what you're looking for.

2-Hour Strategy Session

We analyze your situation and customize the Way of Life™ Method to your goals.

Custom Coaching Package

We design a coaching & training package to suit your situation.

Get Started RIght

Strategy Session

2 Hour Session

We find out more about you, your dog, and your way of life and we customize the Way of Life™ Method to fit your situation. The Strategy Session will give you plenty to get started and can be done virtually or in-person.

Souha sitting with a dog in the park
Training a dog in the park
On-going Training

Single Coaching Sessions

1.5 Hour Sessions

Clients can book a one-time coaching session of 1.5 hours virtually or in-person. Single coaching sessions can involve handling and training in different environments and discussions surrounding a range of issues.

The Best Results

Premium Coaching Packages

6 Month Training & Coaching

Premium coaching consists of six-months of 1-on-1 coaching – either in-person or virtually. We customize our signature Way of Life™ Method to your unique needs.

Hanging out with two dogs near a tree
You’re In Good Hands


Available for Coaching Clients Only

Boarding services are offered primarily to coaching clients, as part of the training and coaching work done together.


What Our Clients Are Saying

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“Our dog became calmer and better integrated into our lives over a short span of time as we worked with Souha.”
Alexandra K. & Andrew K.
Toronto, ON, Canada
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"Souha has 100% changed the outlook as well as the relationship both my partner and I have with our dog."
Alex T.
Hamilton, ON, Canada
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“Since applying Souha’s training, my dog has become more relaxed, more confident, and happier… as am I!”
Stacey Lunn
Toronto, ON, Canada
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"I worked over several weeks with Souha, and I learned a great deal that I could not possibly learn in more conventional settings."
Sam Novid
Scarborough, ON, Canada

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