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Way of Life™ Dog Training is here to help you build a sound bond with your canine, one that will bring you the joy and companionship you both deserve.

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Way of Life™ Dog Training offers a unique training approach that can profoundly impact your relationship with your puppy or dog, no matter what circumstances you are facing.

I am a coach dedicated to cultivating intensely gratifying human-canine relationships. My goal is to help you develop or transform your rapport with your dog. I can show you a way of life designed to cultivate deep bonds, heal old wounds, and uncover your dog’s unique intelligence and personality.

Join me on a journey to discover all that you and your dog can become together.

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What People Are Saying

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“A skilled handler and compassionate coach.”
Paddy Aker
Cobourg, ON, Canada
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"Training with Souha is always fun and gives me the confidence I need to handle any dog."
Kris Tinnelly
North York, ON, Canada
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“What Souha teaches is truly a way of life that I now try to bring with me everywhere I go, with or without my dogs.”
David Zarnett
Toronto, ON, Canada
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"Whether you are looking to overcome specific issues or just want a stronger bond with your dog, Souha is the trainer to help you achieve your goals."
Shaunna Drew
Toronto, ON, Canada

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